Many things happened during this summer. I had a break from climbing for a few weeks in July. I didn't rest for a year and I felt like I needed some rest. In the mean time I organized a climbing camp for kids in Arco. It was fun but definitely more tiring than climbing all day for myself.

When I came back I moved to the south of our little country. It's a perfect place to live if you're a climber in Slovenia. Everything is close. All the local bouldering places are a few minutes drive away and we have a nice sport climbing area just up the hill. Even Swiss boulders are an hour closer than they were before!

In the end of July I started climbing again, psyched and full of fresh energy. I didn't focus on any projects, I just wanted to climb everything and as much as possible.  Sometimes easy boulders seemed pretty hard in this tropic weather (+30° and 85% humidity). But that's all training and preparing for the fall, when conditions will be good and we'll go crush some hard stuff.

We also started with some yoga exercise. After only a few sessions the difference was amazing. I don't remember the last time I was this flexible. Sometimes the positions in yoga are strange and hard like in bouldering. And with training it gets less uncomfortable and everything looks effortless and smooth. And that's how I want my climbing to feel like.

Anyway, being home for a long time is not for us. The short holidays were finally here and the forecast for Magic Wood looked fine. So there we were, after good 5 hours of driving, back in our favourite woods.

I didn't have any particular plans what I wanted to climb. Gasper suggested for us to try Mikrokosmus 7C. It took us many tries to figure out the beta. The boulder has really bad holds and there was practically no friction. It's a mixture between balance and power. You need to find the position from which it's possible to move, but you can't really get it if you're not strong enough. I already stopped trying a few times but then I decided to give it one more go and did it! Next was Rythmo, also 7C, climbs up and out on this beautiful edge. I was already tired from Mikrokosmus so I had to fight at the end where you need to jump from a strange position. With both heels hooked, the body wants to go down but you need the height to jump for the last good hold. That's the beta for shorter people. if you're taller you probably just jump from two pretty good holds. However you do it it's a real beauty to climb! We finished the day with some easier stuff. Next day I felt so sore. I couldn't really move in the morning and it started to rain in the afternoon. So I finished the weekend trip with some easier problems up to 7B and the afternoon rainy training session on Bruno bloc.

Here is a short video from our last trip:

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