Well it's started to get pretty warm in the UK, so a plan was hatched for the mountains to be our playground. My partner was to be Andi Turner (the summer one as opposed to the winter one).

We packed his rally car for twos days of adventure in the Lake District. Boy it was hot, buying a bacon sarnie in Ambleside left us sweating and out of breath, partly due to the prices up there but mainly due to the heat!

Above: The Viking E3 on Napes Crag.

So we did our shopping and blasted up and over the winding roads to Wasdale head, pitched our tent and bombed it up to Napes Crag. We did a lovely 3 pitch route graded E3. Its was called The Viking and the middle pitch was what is was all about. A steep offwidth crack proved a fun challenge. We found getting off was a ridge scramble and mud/scree extravaganza!


Above: Jordan and Andi on the summit of Napes Needle.

Wanting to do more we nipped up Napes Needle, it was great in the evening sun and made us really respect the first ascentionist soloing it all those years ago.

We then decided we wanted that pub tea and ran all the way back to the campsite, what an error thinking we could be like Birkett. After a quick meal and some stargazing thanks to Andi we went to sleep not knowing what the next day had in store…

…Pain. Pain in our legs like we have never had before is what we awoke too! What fools running back a mile down scree at full pace with big bags on, all for dry pie and chips!

So what do we do then, well let’s walk up to East Buttress, only thing is this is all the way up Scafell. We manned up and joined the masses walking up the good path winding up into the clouds. The east buttress was quiet but it was really dirty. All we managed was the classic E2 Ichabod, we were so battered it was getting dangerous on the ledges, so we just packed up and left. Not often have I run out of energy like that but this was getting close to my body totally shutting down. Andi related how cyclists get that way and just fall off their bike and lay there in a heap trying to munch dandelions!! I did not want that.

Well we finally got home, now we are wise to what's involved. Now I am training to go back....

Above: Nuance E5 at Nesscliffe

The next fun trip involved getting a team together to try out Nesscliffe in Shropshire. We loved it, Nao my wife was taking it easy and just wanted to second stuff, brill cause I love leading stuff back to back. I did one E4, three E5s and an E7. Dom and Andi were checking out the E7 6c, 10 O’clock Saturday morning. Dom had a good lead attempt but fell onto the peg. It held, though in his pump he had not been able to clip the other one and just kept on climbing!! I had a look and managed to flash it with the beta they shouted up.

Above: Marlene E4 6a at Newsscliffe.

I loved Nesscliffe.

The venue next up was Reynards Arch down in Dove Dale. This is one cool place, I onsighted the classic f7c+ there; Arch Enemies. Easier stuff lives here too, down to 6b+. Arch Enemies is a must do if you are up to it and enjoy funky 3D climbing. Its one of those stand alone routes like the Spider, Mandela and Thormens Moth.

Over and out, Jordan

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