I had a great two days at the beginning of November!

Firstly I went to the Roaches with friends and the weather was amazing for this time of year. Tops off if you were that keen, it was baking. I pottered for a while not really expecting much in the heat. Everyone was having a great day just doing easy routes.

Then John Roberts and Jon Read got on Paralogism the funky E7 6c roof with a bit of persuasion from me.... As it cooled down I decided to have a crack at flashing it, the first two pulls on got me through the first bit but, feeling something was not quite right, I down climbed the hard bit which seemed a bit stiff. On the ground I took my boots off, had a word with myself. Then when suited and booted up again, I went for the crush. I felt steady away and to be honest I can’t remember much other than a large crowd of spectators...!

Above: After an initial 'checking out of the holds', Jordan then down climbed the first section of Paralogism E7 6c. Photo: Jon Read

Above: Jordan back on the ground and psyching up before the big flash. Photo: Jon Read

Above: ...and going for it. Jordan on the impressive flash ascent of Paralogism E7 6c. Photo: Jon Read

The next day we went up to Gouther crag near Shap in the Lakes. I had been up earlier the previous week and top roped Adam Hockings The Keswickian cleanly twice.

More info on the Keswickian here: http://www.ukclimbing.com/news/item.php?id=62860.

This stunning E8 7a climbs up very easy ground before arranging gear on a massive sling to reduce drag, as you pull through the roof above on amazing holds. Not 'amazing' as in massive holds but in that, to make them work, allsorts of heel funk has to be employed.

Above: The impressibe headwall of The Keswickian

The headpoint went fine, and I found myself up on that slab enjoying the exposure and the sun on my back making the second ascent of this future classic. Not bad for the lakes in November. Back down at the boulders my wife Naomi did the v8 and v7 that she had her eye on in fine style.

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