Winter in Split is allways best period to climb but this year things went wrong... Two months ago I went bouldering in Su?urac and few hours later ended in hospital with broken deltoid ligament in my ankle. I'm still not sure how this happened since I wasnt so high, there were many pads and spotters in the landing zone but somehow I rotated in the air and nobody couldnt stop me.

   This unexpected injury suddenly changed all my climbing plans and force me to take break from everything. I was thinking a lot about climbing and my life in general and started to believe that this accident have some purpose. After 7 days of complete rest (BTW. I didn't do this for ages!), I slowly started with some body workout exercises combined with fingerboard and gymnastic rings and felt great. Honestly I didn't do this type of training for few seasons so this was really positive shock for my body and mind. I almost forget that I am injured and for few weeks didn't miss climbing at all. Just wanted to simply train and sessions were great – always motivated and always with progressive loading.

This broken deltoid ligament is pretty complicated injury. I read somewhere that it happened in just 10% of ankle injuries and it really needs time to heal completely. While exploring some methods which could help in regeneration I discovered Gavez (lat.symphytum officinale), plant very often used in alternative medicine for all kind of joints and many other problems. Soon after applying a compress filled with Gavez root my hematom visibly reduced and I was shocked. It is possible to find Gavez in root, gel or as a cream but it is maybe better to google or ask some expert for advice before using it.

Two weeks ago I was finally able to put my climbing shoes on and though I still cant use my foot completely I started with some easy sport climbing. Together with friends from Split in a few days I am leaving for 10 days trip to Macedonian boulder mecca – Prilep. Although I am not in best climbing shape I don't care too much. This whole idea sounds like great adventure and I am really excited about it.

Can't wait to hit the road...

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