Rocklands is the best bouldering area I've ever seen. We were climbing there for a whole month and it's the paradise. I can't wait to go again, but the flight is pretty expensive, so I probably won't be able to go next year.  

I've been working on hard projects for the last year and a half, so I wanted to do different things this trip. I've climbed many problems quickly, but I tried briefly a couple of hard problems I want to do next time.  

Some of the problems were:  

  • In the Middle of the Ass, 8A (onsight) 
  • Kings of Convenience, 8A (onsight) 
  • Royksopp, 8A 
  • Leopard Cave, 8A+ (flash) 
  • Oral Office, 8A+ (2nd go) 
  • Nutsa, 8A+ (2nd go) 
  • Black Velvet, 8A (2nd go) 
  • Quintessential, 8B 
  • Shosholoza, 8A+  
  • Panama, 8A 
  • Red Meat, 8B 
  • Au Bord de l'Eau, 8A (flash) 
  • Black Shadow, 8A+ 
  • The Amphitheatre, 8A+   

Above: Au Bord de l'Eau, 8A

Above: In the Middle of the Ass, 8A

Above: The Rhino, 7B+

Above: Nutsa, 8A+

There is also a great video on Vimeo:  

After the trip, I was resting for a couple of weeks, but I've just started training hard again. I'm doing some routes too, I flashed "Segundos Fuera" (8a+) at Patones (Madrid) on Monday, but I need more endurance to do an amazing route I'm trying at Margalef…

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