ALL PICTURES BY: Bart van Raaij

Bart van Raaij needed a ride to Font, he had to work on his new 7+8 guidebook but his ankle was broken. The forecast looked a bit grim but we decided to take a gamble. It was nice to have a (semi) local guide me, Bart knows the best boulangers in Milly and he knows exactly what pastries to choose. We started the day with a noisette and a lemon merinque pastry. And...against the odds the weather stayed good all day. We did some bouldering in 95.2, looked for some hidden problems, went to Buthiers, did some more boulering there and some other guide work as well. I had a very good day and did Énergy Collective 8a, Atomic Playboy 7c+ and Symbiose gauche.

All three good problems and especially Énergy Collective and Atomic Playboy are world class. Bart did Coince et Danse 7a and nearly did Symbiose gauche, a good performance for a guy with one leg in plaster :) At evening we joked that the whole drive to Font was worth it just for this one day. To make a long story short, the next two days it rained and we couldn't climb. We ate some more pastries, drank coffee and did a good job on the guide work. So one day of climbing in Font, worth the drive? I'll bet you it's worth the drive!

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