Spring holidays in Fontainebleau didn`t offer as much climbing as I had hoped. Strong Atlantic cyclones gave us rain for 8 out of 10 days and confirmed rumors about the unpredictable weather conditions in this boulder mecca. cc   gg   Since this was my first visit to the Font it felt really exciting to finally be there. We enjoyed the time spent in the forest and were trying to experience as much as possible despite the poor weather. Needless to mention that those two sunny days were a real feast with so much positive vibes and climbing to the very last bit of energy and skin.   11157377_1109777425704037_8913775906111800285_o   This was the first real journey for our 2 years old son and it made all together really special. He instantly adapted to the new place and liked it a lot. Definitely with him on board there was no chance for us to be bored, even on the most rainy days. Font is literally full of parents with kids and if you imagine a fairy tale like forest with flat - sandy ground full of rounded boulders it is quite easy to understand why.   12   After all I would really like to return soon but to escape the bad weather it should be for a longer period or maybe in June or September when it is warm but climate is not so changeable. Our friend Slaven chose both of these options and is there right now. I am sure he is having a good time!   24a   >>> Photos by Ivana Kuštek & Ivan Lisica
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