We have just received a brief update from Ed Hamer who is spending the summer climbing with his brother Sam in Europe. Currently they are in Ceuse and Ed is steadily flashing and onsighting his way through many of the crags classic routes. In the last 6 days he has climbed:

  • Vagabond d'occident 7c onsight
  • blanche fesses 7c onsight
  • correspondence imaginaire 7c+ onsight
  • corpes etrager 7c onsight
  • Violent illusion 8b (4th try)
  • Queue de rat 7b+ onsight
  • Makach walou 7c+ onsight
  • Suers Froides 8a+ onsight
  • Carte Blanche 8a flash
  • Bourinator 8a flash
  • L'amie de tout le monde 8b (2nd go)
  • Bibendum 7b+ onsight
  • Le magicien de RIGA 7c+ onsight

They still have two weeks left aft Ceuse before moving on. I’d imagine that well be getting some updates and what can we say but ‘Watch out Spain!”

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