Since I have been back from Turkey the weather has been pretty amazing. The skies have been clear and the temps have been around 0 degrees, perfect for some grit bouldering. I have had some great day's bouldering at The Churnet, The Roaches and Row Tor. First up was the Churnet. I managed a few great new easier sends including 'Sam Sam Tan' 7B, '50 Pence Problem' 7B, 'Martins Mono Problem' 7A+ (flash), 'Humpty Dumpty' 7A+, 'High Speed Imp Act' 7A (flash), 'Electrofly' 7A (flash).

Next up was the Roaches over in Staffordshire. I had been wanting to go and check out a couple of problems near the base of the crag, one called 'Tetris' 7C and the other 'Columns' 7C+. After managing to flash the stand start to Tetris at 7A+ I completed the sit a couple of goes later. After resting for around 15mins I decided to have a go at Columns, to my surprise I managed to flash it. This was my first flash of this grade, very happy about this one.

Edale in the Peak District after the snow fall at the end of January.

Then it was on to a more local crag called Row Tor. My aim was to try and climb a fantastic problem put up last year by my friend Dave Mason called 'Pink Lady' 8A. The temps were amazing on the day and after warming up well and finally working out the beta, I sent it! This was the 3rd ascent, which was really cool for me. I think the grade has settled at around hard 8A. As there was still plenty of light left during that day I went down and made a quick ascent of a great little problem called Domes (Sit start) 7C, this has now become my favourite problem on Gritstone.

And finally yesterday the snow came down which provided great conditions, so I couldn't miss out! I ended up going to Froggatt Edge and managed to send a small little gem called 'Ol Man River' at 7C.

At the present time I am training hard for the up-coming Boulder World Cup's. I am planning to compete in 4 of the competitions, which will then hopefully leave myself enough time to gain some fitness for some of the Senior Lead World Cup's later in the year.

Keep psyched youths! Peace.

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