During the winter month snow covered the austrian alps and makes them even more beautiful. In the morning hours my skis were launched almost every day. The evening hours I found myself in the surrounding gyms for some serious training or some other, not so serious, monkeying around. :) In the beginning of april my outsideseason starts with a nice eastertrip to cataluna spain, where I could climb the fivestarroute 'Paper Mullat' 8b+/c in oliana. The 45 meter of tufapumping took me three days. It was quite challenging, considering the sixmoveplasticbouldershizzle I was used to. Great time, great crew, great routes... cataluna is dope :) Back in Vienna I started bolting some new projekts I am currently working on. Nice steep and not so steep limestone in styria :). In between the rain I catched some good conditions for my propably hardest slapclimb to date: 'himmel ohne wolken' 8b (hard to great) the 20 meter slap affords a lot of rubber and nerves. Another nice 8a firstascent is called Can`t wait for my short deepwatersolotrip to mallorca and the sweet days out working on my homeprojekts :) By the way, in the last Climax-issue I found two pictures of me, one with a qite funny caption :)   cheers to everyone -Bernie    

Pictures: Jakob Schrödl of Berni on "paper mullat" 8b+c    


Berni on Fisheye 8c

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