Well if you have just read Rich's report below you will know that the Japenese climber Dai was pretty close to repeating Action Directe. Well now he has!

It's very funny because I just called Rich about a half hour ago and he answered the phone in a whisper and told me that Dai had just set off on his redpoint attempt! Neither Rich nor I said anything for a few seconds then Rich goes 'He's just arrived at the last move, he's done it'!. Then I just heard loads of screaming from Dai coming down the phone. Dai just got the 7th ascent.

2 repeats in a week. 7 in total. Sounds like it's just become a trade route! Very interesting to hear Rich say it's only 11 moves long. This is quite a bit shorter that a many boulder problems and certainly way less moves than the sequence that Wolfgang and I used.

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