Since I started climbing 15 years ago, I’ve felt a strong desire to visit England and climb in The Peak. Maybe the reason being that I come from New England, my home town being Glastonbury, Connecticut. I had the chance this year to make a visit. I found myself in Sheffield this January. I knew about the weather and how unstable it was. Its kind of the same in Connecticut. I was optimistic though about how the weather would be. But I was wrong. It rained like every day, except for two. The one day that we climbed and the other being the day I had to leave. But my time wasn’t wasted. I climbed a few days in the rain and the day that was nice, I was able to climb some classics at Stanage. I had some other places I wanted to visit but most were out of commission. But between the bad weather I was able to train hard and most importantly eat well. English breakfast, pub meals, and fish and chips kept me happy. Some day I will return. Please visit the Moon Climbing Vimeo page for my brief video I made during my stay. Now I’ve moved on to Switzerland where I will be spending an extended amount of time. The weather has been so far, nice. Cold and a bit snowy, but climbable.
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