Eastern Europe was the place to be for restless climbers, looking for virgin rock territory. In November we were marooned on an 'Island' called Macadonia. A magical Landscape offers us plenty of unclimbed nuggeds made of 'buttermilklike' granite. We, a group of Austria’s finest  climbers including Mathias Woitzuck, Reini Fichtinger and 'the unknown big wave legend Dannyboy Kalser' were hiking, exploring, cleaning, climbing day by day, every day. The Potential of this Place was so huge, that it took us 3 days to even find the existing area, established by a handfull Macadonian climbers, who are by the way very friendly guys and really proud of their selfmade raki. I climbed some outstanding first ascents up to 8A bloc. The pictures will tell the rest of the Story. Thanks to Reinhard Fichtinger for the great analog footage! Yep, and than I had a nice time in Istrien on wounderful shaped limestone caves. I have to thank Geri Hörhager and his friend Leo Baumgartner for showing me their amazing areas and the potential of this magic Place. My Hilti is activated :). I manged to climb the following routes whilst visiting Istrien: Rocket Max 8b/b+, Avatar 8b (best!!!), Marmots at Work 8b (2nd try), Reinini 8b+ and Toruk Makto 8b+ (2nd try). Above Berni on 'Avatar' 8b at Pandora/Kroatia Then on the 6th of January I sent 'Hard Sun' 8c, a hörhager-route in Kompagne/Istrien/Kroatia. Cheers boys and girls, I wish all of you a great 2012!
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