I am superstoked because of the sudden winter here in austria. The last two days the coldness and the friction were incredible here in eastern austria. So I put the rope away and prayed, for the rain to wait a little, so that I could try some hard stuff. I was lucky with the weather so I managed to climb one of my 'most wanted' boulders: "Barry White" 8b+ bloc On the last try of my second day my fingers stuck just a little bit better to the rock so that I could do the first repetition of this beautiful peace of rock. Thanks to Micha Vanhoud for the boulder, and to my great spotters and shouters. I just love the part of the video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=OdWSxkWUYw8 is, when my bro flo scheimpflug jumps before the camera, right at the crux sequence just to get another cover shot done :D  



  peace & love -berni
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