Well holidays have come and gone and it's back to the grindstone, but what a fabulous break it was. Scootsy, my best mate from Sydney, came to visit for a week and the old partnership was back to its best in no time. Random calculations, epic table tennis matches and a spot of drinking seemed to be the norm for the trip. Oh, and I almost forgot, a little bouldering in the Grampians thrown in for good measure.  

  Photo: The Princelings, 7c   We visited a few new areas, including Bundaleer and a place called Wallaby Rocks. Both good in their own way, but neither enough to sustain a proper assault, that is, returning week after week until all of the good lines are done. We did manage to eek out some lovely first ascents, especially the horizontal fridge slapping gem, Kick Ass, named in honour of the film that we had watched the night before. Classic, by the way. I added a sweet problem up a classic feature at Bundaleer, Underclinging through the eighth dimension, V10ish, starts with a pair of low undercuts and involves a couple of powerful slaps with the left hand before catching a wild tag with the right hand off a smeary footer. Good line, sandy crag, probably not a must visit. I am getting proper excited to get back to the blocs again, but it is with a tinge of sadness for a change. Usually, at this time of year I am desperately awaiting the cold mornings and crisp days, but with all the enjoyment that I have had this season on a cord, I am less enthusiastic about the impending winter. However, given that I am off to Squamish in five weeks and I am seriously lacking in grunt at the moment, the desperation to crush will return very soon I am sure, starting with a serious session on the board of pain tonight.  

Photo of Simon on the FA of underclinging through the 8th dimension, 7c+

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