The time and conditions were not the best; it was very hot with the temperature up to 34 degrees. When we arrived at Ceuse it was already late afternoon, but my friends and me decided to go to the crag, to the sector called Berlin where my brother decide to try Makach Walou 7c+. I also decide to try it . After carefully observing his movements of the route and after that my brother explained the movements, I attempted to Flash it…

When I arrived to the chains I was really happy! I had done my first 7c+ Flash ;). In the days following I also did: 

  • La Chose 7c (Hard in my opinion, possibly 7c/+)
  • Wonder Knee 7b  O.S. 
  • Sitting Bull 7b+ (2nd go)
  • Vagabond D’occident 7c  O.S.  (A classic routes in Cascade sector, one of the best) Les Marionettes des Alpes 7c  (Flash - Endurance on pockets)
  • Petit Tom 7c+/8a (2nd go) (Hard in my opinion it could be a 8a, Shame about the chipped holds in the first part but really nice moves after the boulder there I just one rest to shake out and then you must to climb really fast to the chain!) 
  • L’ami de tout le monde 8b (4th go) (I decided to climb it just for curiosity with my friends, but in the first try I did all the moves, in the second go I did it with just one rest; I was really happy and motivated to try it again!  After the rest day I came back to try it and on the fourth go was the MAGIC try! :D When I arrived in chains I had not realized what I had done .I screamed with happiness!)

Above: Andrea Zanone climbing L’ami de tout le monde 8b

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