How to trick your brain into wanting to train

Moon Climbing athlete Martin Keller had a stellar chat with Steven Dimmitt over on the Nugget podcast. If you don't have time for the wisdom-filled 2 hours 46 minutes, we picked our favourite nugget of wisdom from Martin on how to train when you're struggling with motivation. Here's what Martin said:

1. Make it as easy as possible to train
A long drive in traffic isn’t going to get you psyched to train after a long day’s work. Can you go to a closer gym? Or end your day closer to where you plan to train?

2. Don’t go home before a training session
Home is a place to relax and your brain needs to be alert and active in order to have a productive training session. You’Il feel less like training at home so if you can avoid it, go straight to training after work.

3. Listen to music or play a video game
Even if you can’t avoid home, listening to the right psyche-inducing music or playing a video game can get the adrenalin pumping and bring you into the right mindset to train.

4. Get some food into the system
Preferably something with sugar, to trigger that all important dopamine release.

5. Work stress isn’t always a bad thing
Work stress can support you with the energy you need to train. Taking (a bit) of work stress to your session can help with motivation to train.

If you want to hear more from Martin about spending 150+ days projecting his FA of ‘Ninja Skills Sit’ V15/16, how to change our brain chemistry, how Martin trains on his outdoor projects, and how changing his mindset unlocked his hardest climbs, listen to the full podcast below. 


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