Wood Holds - Set A

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The MoonBoard Wood Holds Set A includes 32 individually shaped marine birch plywood holds. Manufactured in our home town of Sheffield, UK, the Wood Holds Set A has been designed to add system board style training to your MoonBoard. The set's 16 pairs of symmetrical holds allow you to climb a problem on one side of the MoonBoard, then repeat on the other for a perfectly symmetrical workout.

The skin-friendly nature of the wood combined with their meticulously tried and tested shapes make the Wood Holds Set A an effective training tool for the advanced climber.

When installing these holds ensure you DO NOT use an impact driver.

  • Bolts and t-nuts not included
  • 32 bolt-on hand holds (16 symmetrical pairs)
  • Material: Marine grade birch plywood
  • Box weight: 3.1kg
  • Climbing level: Advanced

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