Wood Holds Set C

Wood Holds - Set C

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Made in the UK from sustainably sourced high-quality birch plywood, Wood Holds Set C is the newest edition of holds to join the MoonBoard system. Aimed at climbers who wish to train at Font 6b+ (V4) level and above, Wood Holds Set C are exceptional hardwearing, skin-friendly and will not polish over time.

Wood Holds Set C will feature on the new MoonBoard Masters 2019 setup which will launched in the MoonBoard app at the end of November.

New for 2019, Wood Hold Set C contains 24 new wood hold shapes for your MoonBoard setup. Perfect for intermediate to advanced climbers, this collection of holds has undergone rigorous testing at The School Room in Sheffield, and have passed with flying colours. They are hardwearing, skin-friendly and will not polish over time.

There are three different hold thicknesses: 
- 8 x 23mm 
- 8 x 35mm 
- 8 x 50mm 
Hold numbers 51 and 77 are mirrored shapes.

Hold Set C is made in the UK from sustainably sourced birch plywood.

Reviewed by Climbing Magazine

The pandemic has provoked an unprecedented rush on home walls, including the iconic MoonBoard. In 2019, MoonClimbing came out with their third hold set using the app-driven interface, the near-perfect Masters 2019, which adds two wood sets (Set B and Set C) to wood Set A from 2017. The result is a board that’s 40 percent wood and 60 percent resin, with the wood denser in the high-use middle rows. The new wood grips are some of the best, most user-friendly shapes on the market—Sets B and C are larger, smoother, and more ergonomic than Set A (which was basically for V8-plus climbers), letting anyone sending V3/V4 sample the lightly ridged, skin-friendly birch plywood. Favorites have been the biting—but not tweaky—crimps, incut flanges, boomerang-bananas, and squeeze-hard-or-die pinches. The wood holds brush clean nicely, and don’t need to be removed to be power-washed. To my mind, the 2019 set represents the best of 2016 and 2017—nothing’s too big (like 2017’s reds), and nothing’s too small (ahem, yellow Original School Holds), meaning all 198 holds are essentially usable at reasonable grades. Plus, by grabbing so much wood, you can session longer or hit the board post-rock.


  • 24 bolt-on hand holds
  • High quality, sustainably sourced European birch plywood
  • Climbing level: Intermediate - Advanced
  • Box weight: 3kg
  • Box size approx: 28 (w) x 27 (h) x 24cm (d)

Bolts and t-nuts are not included. Bolts can be purchased separately here.

Wood Holds Set C requires 24 x M10 countersunk bolts (16 x 50mm and 8 x 70mm).

Installation Advice

  • Do not use an impact driver to install your wood holds
  • Wood Holds Set C must be fixed with countersunk bolts only
  • All of our wood holds come with a 5mm diameter pinning hole. Make sure you pin all your wood holds with a 5mm diameter wood screw. You need a selection of 50mm and 60mm long wood screws. These are not included with your holds

View current MoonBoard hold setups using the free MoonBoard App or by visiting the MoonBoard website.

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