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Replacement Crash Pad Foam Set

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If your Moon crash pad outer is still in good shape, but you want to refresh the foam insert, reduce your costs by purchasing a Replacement Foam Set instead of a complete pad. Available in Pluto, Warrior, and Saturn sizes. Please check the measurements of you crash pad shell and compare with the measurements of the foam listed here before ordering.

We use premium quality open cell and closed cell foam in all Moon Climbing crash pads, giving them excellent durability and lifespan. Like all sports equipment, there will come a time where your crash pad passes its optimum performance phase, and you will have to seek a replacement.

If you have taken care of your crash pad, the outer shell may still be in good shape. Why replace the whole thing when you can simply replace the part you need? Foam sets are available for all three sizes of Moon Climbing crash pad: Pluto, Warrior, and Saturn. However please check the measurements of your pad shell before ordering

To replace your foam, unzip the crash pad, remove the existing foam. The foam is made up of multiple layers. Please make a note of the order in which the original foam was housed within the pad to ensure you insert the new foam with the correct layer facing the top. If your foam was shipped in a plastic bag we recommend leaving the plastic bag on. It helps with stuffing the shell, adds and extra layer of protection for the foam and traps air which improves the landing during a fall.

Image of foam sets are form demonstrative purposes only.

Saturn Pad:

  • Single sheet of closed cell foam (30mm) on top of a single sheet of open cell foam (110mm). Length: 160cm x Width:120cm

Warrior Pad:

  • Single sheet of closed cell foam (25mm) on top of a single sheet of open cell foam (95mm) Length:130cm x Width:100cm

Pluto Pad:

  • Single sheet of closed cell foam (25mm) on top of a single sheet of open cell foam (65mm). Length: 100cm x Width:100cm
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