Moon Climbing Phat Boy Training Fingerboard (White)

Phat Boy Fingerboard

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A little larger than our Moon Fingerboard, aimed at the beginner to intermediate climber. Its simple shape, and compact size means it won't look too out of place in your home. A prefect complement to your gym training routine.

Finger strength is what sets great climbers apart from merely good climbers. Ultimately it's your fingers that keep you in contact with the rock and therefore they will be the limiting factor in what you can achieve. Neglect them at your peril.

If you are going to buy one item of training equipment then make it a fingerboard. The Phat Boy Fingerboard is a bigger version of our critically acclaimed original Moon Fingerboard but has been aimed at the beginner to intermediate climber.

  • Size: 66.9 cm / 14.2 cm / 5 cm (Length / Width / Depth)
  • Compact, low profile
  • Same layout and hold types as the Moon Fingerboard in a large format
  • Half joint finger edges through to in-cut finger jugs
  • 2 to 4 finger pockets
  • 2 different types of sloper
  • 6 fixing points, screws included
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