School Holds - Set E

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The latest addition to the MoonBoard range, the new School Sets D, E and F each consist of 40 polyester holds in Sky Blue. The more organic and curvy pockets, pinches and edges will challenge your footwork and create more varied and all-round movement which will help to improve your climbing both physically and technically.


School Holds Set D, E and F are made of polyester (PE) resin, as opposed to School Holds Sets A, B, C, and the Originals, which are made from polyurethane (PU) resin. The main benefit to using polyester resin is that the texture is resistant to polishing. This is especially important when the shape of the holds means their use is highly friction-dependent, such as on slopers or pinches, and when the position of the holds is changed infrequently, such as on a fixed-hold training board like the MoonBoard. Due to the style and shape of Sets D, E and F, we felt that polyester was a more suitable choice of material. The downside to polyester is that it is more prone to chipping or breaking if dropped or when too much force is applied to the fixings. This means you need to handle them with care whilst unpacking and installing the holds. If you drop a hold on a hard surface or even onto another hold, it is likely to chip. If you apply too much force to either the fixing bolt or the pinning screw, you risk breaking the holds. We recommend you fix the holds manually with a hand wrench, and make sure you don’t over tighten either the fixing bolt or pinning screw. Go gently!

Handle them with care whilst unpacking and installing the holds and they will give you many years of use.

Technical Features

  • 40 holds
  • Polyester material which will retain its fiction and texture even after many years of heavy use.
  • Bolt on holds
  • Each hold includes a built-in washer (for strength), Moon Climbing logo, number and orientation marks to enable replication of our problems on any MoonBoard, anywhere in the world
  • Designed to complement the 40-degree and 25-degree MoonBoard.
  • Intermediate to Advanced climbing.
  • Box weight: 18.5kg


Bolts and t-nuts are not included with your hold set. Bolts can be purchased separately here.

Installation Advice

  • Do not use an impact driver to install your holds
  • If a bolt-on hold has a screw hole on it we recommend pinning the hold with a small screw (approximate diameter size 4mm or 5mm). The screw should be long enough to pass through the bolt-on hold and into the wood panels that the hold is mounted on.

View current MoonBoard hold setups using the free MoonBoard App or by visiting the MoonBoard website.

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