Like the title suggests the weather was fairly mixed during our little jaunt to the forest. From -14 with wind chill, to snow as light as icing sugar to 15 degrees and 99.9999% humidity.

The aim of the trip was to put some time into Gecko Assis, as it always seems to be, but after realising I wasn't feeling in tip-top condition and with sub-optimal weather I reverted to seeking out some gems and finishing off a few classics that had proved tricky on previous trips.

While we were there I saw some of the worst attempts to dry rock wet rock that I had ever seen and the amount of tick marks that weren't brushed off after use is definitely on the increase. Please enjoy the forest and climbing there, but leave the problem as you found it or in better condition. Chalk doesn't dry wet rock, it ruins it and 5 minutes at the end of your session to brush holds and ticks should be something that everyone factors into their climbing day. #respecttherock

Quatre Saisons en Deux Semaines from David Mason on Vimeo.

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