Ravioli Biceps Moonboard Maestro

Ravioli Biceps 



Years Climbing: 16

Local Crag: Red Rock, Las Vegas

Favourite Climbing Destination: Ticino, Switzerland

Best Climbing Experience: Guiding multiple seasons in Hueco Tanks

Favourite Moon Climbing Product: 2016 Moonboard

Favourite MoonBoard Problem: Hard Times 7A and Bazoo 7B+

What Is It About Climbing You Love: The shared experience with those you meet traveling, the endless pursuit of improvement and learning, the discipline and consistency required to push your body

Career Highlights: Climbing every 2016 Benchmark including Black Beauty 8B and Project 2 8A+, Spectre 8B

When Not Climbing You Like To: Read, collect and spin vinyl records, yoga, black metal shows, travel, learn something new, practice being present and give back to the community and organizations I care about.