Michiel Nieuwenhuijsen




Years Climbing: Damn, 21 already. Still less than Ben 


Local Crag: I don't like this question. Most local probably Font, a 6 hour drive.


Favourite Climbing Destination: Font and Ticino


Best Climbing Experience: Climbing the semi final of the worldcup in Eindhoven back in 2010. Competing in front of all of my friends was amazing. But nothing can beat a cold and sunny day in Font or Ticino. So many memories of great boulders and company I can't choose from. One of the things that pop up in my mind is the classic 6a highball Blue Sky of Mine in Magic Wood. But I also have to mention the day I did Big Island, everything was perfect.


Favourite Moon Climbing Product: Warrior pad, Rainshadow pant, Samurai short, Samurai pant


What Is It About Climbing You Love: I like to figure out moves and to feel strong. But I also love the whole lifestyle 


Career Highlights: Big Island 8C. Story of two Wolds 8C. Speed of Sound 8B+ (the last one was a bit of a personal struggle)


When Not Climbing You Like to: Walk with my dog Pepe