Photo Credit @offtoclimb
Name: Max Räeuber
Years Climbing: Over 12 years
Local Crag: Frankenjura
Favourite Climbing Destination: So many but Font, Ticino and Rocklands are for sure some of the best
Best Climbing Experience: Uh hard to pick one, climbing "The Story of 2 Worlds" fb 8C was really cool. But just exploring new areas gives me a lot of excitement as well.  
Favourite Moon Climbing Product: For Pads the Warrior. In terms of clothing probably the Meteor Jacket (I wear it nearly every time I leave the house).
What Is It About Climbing You Love: The challenge, pushing myself mentally and physically to the limits of what I'm capable. But also meeting new people and discovering new areas. And I made a lot of really good friends because of climbing and I'm really greateful for that.
Career Highlights: 
The Story of 2 Worlds fb 8C, Half-Life fb 8c, Opposing Force fb 8B+/C, The Book Club fb 8B+, Never ending Story fb 8B+, Nihilist Sit fb 8B+

When Not Climbing You Like to: Drink Coffee, make Pizza and think about the next time I go bouldering outdoors.