Max Raeuber


Over 12 years



Favourite Climbing Destination

So many but Font, Ticino and Rocklands are for sure some of the best


Best Climbing Experience

Uh hard to pick one, climbing "The Story of 2 Worlds" fb 8C was really cool. But just exploring new areas gives me a lot of excitement as well

Favourite Moon Climbing Product

For Pads the Warrior. In terms of clothing probably the Meteor Jacket (I wear it nearly every time I leave the house).

What Is It About Climbing You Love

The challenge, pushing myself mentally and physically to the limits of what I'm capable. But also meeting new people and discovering new areas. And I made a lot of really good friends because of climbing and I'm really greateful for that.

Career Highlights

The Story of 2 Worlds fb 8C, Half-Life fb 8c, Opposing Force fb 8B+/C, The Book Club fb 8B+, Never ending Story fb 8B+, Nihilist Sit fb 8B+

When Not Climbing You Like to

Drink Coffee, make Pizza and think about the next time I go bouldering outdoors.