Photo Credit @japhimagenes

Joe Xiberras


Name: Joseph Xiberras


Years Climbing: 8 years

Local Crag: Raven Tor, which is surprisingly only a 55 minute drive out of South Manchester.

Favourite Climbing Destination: Cantabria - It’s where I’ve climbed most outdoors. But, I’m still yet to properly explore other higher profile destinations.


Best Climbing Experience: Hard to single it down but last week’s circuit session was pretty transcendental.

Favourite Moon Climbing Product: Rainshadow Pants but they are being pressed hard by the new Samurai shorts. It’s always nice climb comfy!

What Is It About Climbing You Love: Having complete freedom on the wall, just you and the climb. I don’t know many other sports in which interacting with the challenge is as fulfilling as the succeeding in the challenge itself.

Career Highlights: - Getting on the GB Junior Team for the first time back in Youth C.

- Climbing my first 8a outdoors, Troncomóvil at Cicera.

- 8th place in Combined at the Youth World Championships 2019 in Arco

When Not Climbing You Like to: Read, skate, be around people.