Izzy Bridgens


10 years


Stanage is my closest crag but inside the climbing works is practically my second home!


Best Climbing Experience

 Last year was my first ever European and it was my first time travelling with the team, to make my first finals was just amazing and I had such a good time exploring the city of Bern in Switzerland 

Favourite Moon Climbing Product

It would have to be the sigma leggings, I practically live in them and I love climbing in them

What Is It About Climbing You Love

I love that you get to travel with the best people, having so many amazing experiences and getting compete all over the world

Career Highlights

 I had a pretty nasty finger injury over the winter which meant no training so making my first european boulder finals this season and finishing 6th felt incredible 

When Not Climbing You Like to

I like to go outside and spend time with friends exploring the peak district here near Sheffield.