Izzy Bridgens


Name: Izzy Bridgens

Years Climbing: I have been climbing since age 6! - so that's 7 years

Local Crag: I live so close to the Peak, it would be hard to say, probably the closest is Burbage and Stanage

Favourite Climbing Destination: in the Uk - bouldering in the Burbage valley with my friends, I haven't really travelled much yet, but I would love to travel all over the world climbing on rock and competing.


Best Climbing Experience : When I first made it onto the GBNDS( GB National Development Squad) 2019 - it really gave me such a confidence boost and made me realise that I wanted to compete, maybe internationally and train hard and still be doing something I love. I haven't actually ever been out to an international as last year I was too young but hopefully maybe this year I might be able to go out to a European competition.

Favourite Moon Climbing Product: it has to be the sigma leggings they are amazing, they fit so well.

What Is It About Climbing You Love: I love the challenge of climbing, and the uniqueness of it, I also love the community of climbers, athletes and friends it introduces you to.

Career Highlights:  Making the podium for the BLCCs 2019 was the first time I really properly enjoyed climbing in a national competition, it really secured my love for lead climbing and I think that experience was really important for me.

When Not Climbing You Like to: When I'm not climbing I actually love to bake and I really enjoy drawing and design!!