Fred Williams Moon Athlete

Fred Williams 


Years Climbing: I started climbing aged 5 – as soon as I was allowed into the small bouldering wall that we have in Alnwick. I’ve competing and climbing seriously since I was 8. So that is 8 years now.

Local Crag: I live in Northumberland so I have a lot of sandstone on my doorstep. I’d probably consider Bowden Doors as my local.

Favourite Climbing Destination: On plastic it would have to be Innsbruck but on rock anywhere with Northumberland sandstone – in my opinion the best rock!

Best Climbing Experience: Probably Junior British Bouldering Championships 2022. When I topped the final boulder I knew that I’d qualified for the Youth World Championships in Dallas which felt pretty good!

Favourite Moon Climbing Product: I love my Meteor jacket - I wear it everywhere, even to school! The Samurai trousers are a close second, I love how light they are and also comfortable.

What Is It About Climbing You Love: It just feels really natural and since it is quite cognitive but also physical it just ticks all the boxes. Every climb is like a problem to be solved. I’ve basically climbed my whole life – even as a toddler I was climbing bookcases. I feel more comfortable climbing than walking! I’ve also been to lots of really interesting places through my climbing.

Favourite MoonBoard Problem: I’m not sure I can decide on a favourite but my top three are:

Shrimp Crimps (7c) by Movement Crew

Boulderwelt (6c) by Ben Moon

A Jump to Far (7a+) by Iain Brown

Career Highlights: Because I’ve always been small for my age and I’m only just starting to grow I feel like my best is yet to come but I am really proud that I have qualified for the GB Squad every year since 2019 and for getting to the Youth Worlds last year.

Ticking Northumbleau (7c+) at Hepburn South in Northumberland was pretty special too – it was my first trip out after lockdown so I had no idea whether I would be strong enough but I got it in one session.

When Not Climbing You Like To: if I’m not climbing you’ll probably find me on a computer or clambering around on some urban stuff somewhere.