MoonBoard Holds: 7/10/20. The current lead time for MoonBoard products is approximately 8-10 weeks, and we will update this message if there are any changes to it. To speed things up for you, your order may be split into multiple partial shipments. We don’t allow amendments to MoonBoard orders. If you wish to amend your order you will have to cancel, and place a new order. Please only contact us if your wait time has exceeded 9 weeks, if you have an issue with your order, or if you wish to cancel your order.

Help & Information | FAQs

Please review our Frequently Asked Questions guide below before proceeding to contact us with your enquiry.

How much will it cost to ship my order?

For non-MoonBoard items, you may request a live shipping quote in your Shopping Cart. You will need to enter a valid zip/postcode for the system to produce delivery options and costs.

Will you provide tracking information for my order?

If you provide a valid mobile telephone number and e-mail address when you checkout, tracking information should be forwarded to you when your order is dispatched from our warehouse. Orders are generally shipped within 1-2 working days of the order being placed. Please note that our warehouse is closed over the weekend.

Can you ship to Russia?

No. We are unable to provide shipping to Russia due to difficult customs procedures. You may be able to organise a forwarding company, or deliver your order to friends or family that live outside of Russia.

I want to return my order. What do I do?

It’s no problem for you to return items for a refund or exchange as per the instructions here.

I bought Moon Climbing kit from another retailer. Can I return the items directly to Moon Climbing?

Your contract of sale is with the retailer you purchased the item(s) from. It is their responsibility to provide support for returns. Unfortunately we will not be able to provide you with any assistance.

VAT Exemption

Our website is not set up to process VAT exempt orders. There is no place for our customers to enter a VAT number or for the system to check that the VAT number is valid. Since our website is not set up for this type of business, unless you are a registered trade customer of ours we will be unable to accommodate you.

Non EU Customers - VAT & Import Charges

Non EU customers will notice that once the delivery country is specified, VAT of 20% will be removed from the order. However, we must point out that as per our terms and conditions you are liable for any import taxes and duties that may be levied.

Can I have an extra discount?

Each Moon Climbing product offers exceptional design quality and durability. We strongly believe that our collections are competitively priced and provide value for money. For this reason, we do not provide additional discounts beyond the Sale category


How much does it cost to ship a MoonBoard?

If you are shipping MoonBoard components within the EU, you can request live costs in your Shopping Cart. You will need to enter a valid postcode to do this. If you live outside the EU and wish to order a Freestanding MoonBoard, DIY Kit, or DIY panels, please contact us directly to receive a bespoke quote. Shipping quotes for other MoonBoard components are available in the Cart.

What should I do before signing for my MoonBoard delivery?

Please note that it is crucial that you inspect the panels before signing for the delivery, and report any damage at that point. We will be unable to offer replacements after the delivery have been signed for as undamaged.

Where can I access the templates for MoonBoard hold positions?

Log in to the MoonBoard website to access all current hold setup templates. For additional help with your MoonBoard installation, please consult the MoonBoard FAQs.

Hold Setups & What Holds to Purchase

If you were getting a single board we'd recommend purchasing the Originals, Set A, Set B, Set C, Wood Holds Set A and the MoonBoard Screw On Footholds along with the LED System. This will give you access to the 2016 setup and the 2017 MoonBoard Masters setup (although you can only have one or the other, not both on at the same time), and means that you will have access to all of the problems in the database, supported by the free app.

If you were going for a double board setup we'd recommend purchasing the 2 x Originals, 2 x Set A, 2 x Set B, 1 x new Set C and 1 x Wood Holds Set A, 1 x MoonBoard Screw On Footholds, along with 2 x LED systems. One board could then have the 2016 setup (Set A, Set B and Originals) and the other board could have the 2017 MoonBoard Masters setup (Set A, Set B, Set C, Wood Holds, Originals and MoonBoard Screw On Footholds).

Additional information about MoonBoard setups can be found on the official MoonBoard FAQs page.


You can reset your MoonBoard password and find your MoonBoard username through the links on the MoonBoard Log In page.

For all other MoonBoard related support queries please contact

What is the difference between a Freestanding MoonBoard and the DIY Kit?

The Freestanding MoonBoard is built on a steel frame that can be configured to either the 25-degree or 40-degree angles during its setup. It is also self-supporting which means that you do not have to construct any other supporting elements for the frame, unlike the traditional DIY MoonBoard Kit. The Freestanding MoonBoard includes all panels, holds and components required to provide a fully-functioning MoonBoard training system.

The DIY Kit requires basic carpentry skills. The kit includes all panels, holds, hold fixings and LED System component. It does not include any of the materials required to construct the supporting frame for the wall. Since every space is unique in design, your DIY MoonBoard may have different support requirements to other MoonBoards. For this reason, we do not provide any instructions or templates on how to build a MoonBoard frame. If you are unsure what the requirements for your space are, please seek professional advice from an experienced carpenter or climbing wall builder. Alternatively, you may wish to consider purchasing the Freestanding MoonBoard, which does not require any additional construction other than the assembly of its MoonBoard parts.

Hold shipping delays when items are listed as "in stock"

We understand your frustration. We have the holds listed permanently as "in stock" on the website as we're constantly replenishing the stock. The MoonBoard has experienced a huge surge in popularity and the holds are often gone as soon as they arrive. We've found that in general people prefer to have the opportunity to place their order and reserve the holds knowing that they'll be given priority when the new stock arrives, rather than risk trying to place their order when the new holds have landed to find that they're already sold out. We try to keep all of our customers well-informed of any delays. If you have been notified that your holds order will experience a delay, you are freely available to cancel your order if you wish.

Broken/Missing MoonBoard Hold

Our holds are guaranteed for 12 months so any breakages that occur during this period can be replaced free of charge. We will need to see a photo of the front and back of any holds that are within warranty, in addition to your proof of purchase. Lead time on all individual hold replacements is 4 to 6 weeks.

Replace a Broken LED

Instructions can be found in MoonBoard FAQs under the “Miscellaneous MoonBoard” tab.

Other MoonBoard Queries Including: Artwork; Gap between Lines 6-7, 12-13; Fixings; Height Requirements & Setups

Please consult the official MoonBoard FAQs page here.

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