Ayesha Khan


15 Years 


Almscliffe and Caley in Yorkshire

Favourite Climbing Destination



Best Climbing Experience

Sending a highball in Rocklands called Poison Arrow. I initially gave it one look and decided I'd prefer to keep my ankles intact, but after watching a few others get it done, peer pressure got the better of me and I decided to have a go. The crux moves were at height, but after letting go just below them, I decided I felt comfortable with the fall and after a rest had another go. I'm not always able to "switch it on" on command, but this time I did and it felt incredible to be able to focus solely on executing the moves with precision rather than the consequences of the fall. Topping out and realising how high I actually was definitely brought about a feeling of elation that I'll never forget. 

Favourite Moon Climbing Product

 Other than my trusty Warrior bouldering mat, it's got to be my Mens Red and Navy striped T, I live in that thing.

What Is It About Climbing You Love

The try hard. There are of course a million other amazing things about climbing that keep us all coming back, but I definitely climb for the moments where you're power screaming and giving it absolutely everything you've got. 

Career Highlights

One of my highlights has got to be sending The Revolution is Coming at Hartland Quay. On the day it went it felt totally unlikely. Super hot conditions and minimal breeze, combined with a bad head space left me feeling sure it was going to be a session of regression. But somehow I managed to find that magical flow state and it felt totally effortless from bottom to top. Afterwards I celebrated by swimming in the ocean, couldn't really ask for more.

When Not Climbing You Like to

Working full time as a Platform Engineer (which is kind of like a type of Software Engineer) doesn't leave much time for hobbies outside of climbing and training. But I love being near, and in, the ocean. I also pride myself on my refined taste in music, and like to treat myself to a good dub night when the business of adult life allows.