Power Grips - Set A

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Enhance your climbing wall with Power Grips Set A, an assortment of 68 screw-on finger pockets, pinches, crimps and side pulls. Choose your preferred colour and let the problem setting begin! Actual colour of holds may vary from the image.

Moon Climbing Power Grips Set A allow you to enhance your climbing wall in the spaces where t-nuts are absent. The outside corners can easily be utilised to create pinches and side-pulls. You can even screw the Power Grips onto larger holds or volumes to further mix up existing options - a blessing to comp route setters and anyone else looking to create holds that are unfamiliar or unique.

These general purpose holds are not designed with any specific system in mind, but are an extremely versatile and beneficial addition to any indoor set-up.

  • Power Grips Set A contains 68 screw-on holds 
  • Assorted sizes 
  • Fixings not including
  • Use standard wood screws size 6 or 8 which are long enough to go through the hold and the plywood panel.
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