Pamo Brush Short

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Extendable to 1.97 metres, the Pamo Brush Short is the ideal brush choice for cleaning hard-to-reach holds on most boulder problems and the start of routes. Featuring a detachable ABS resin brush head with 100% natural white boar hair bristles, and 180 degrees of rotation, Pamo brushes are designed to brush effectively and responsibly.

Made in Japan by Pamo, exclusively available in the UK at Moon Climbing, the Pamo Brush Short is a lightweight, extendable brush that exudes Japanese quality and attention to detail. 

The aluminium pole features a twist-lock mechanism that allows you to extend the brush length from 0.97 to 1.97 metres. The ABS brush head sits on a 180-degree rotating joint made from durable nylon, allowing you to finely adjust the angle of the brush to clean holds effectively.

The 100% white boar hair bristles are gentler on rock than plastic bristles, yet as effective at cleaning so you can be confident that you taking the right steps towards brushing responsibly.

  • Bristles: 100% natural white boar hair
  • Brush head: ABS resin
  • Flex joint: Nylon, 180 degree rotation
  • Pole: Aluminium
  • Length: 0.97 - 1.97 metres
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