Men's Mushin Vest

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Stretchy, soft, organic fabric with the sleeves cut off. Our Mushin climbing vest is the best way forward when it comes down to hot weather.

A vest is the only option when it comes to spending a roasting day out climbing. A t-shirt in blistering heat, will only create those sweat patches from hell, awkward farmer tan-lines and block the breeze from cooling you down. Sleeveless is the way to go - 'sun's out, gun's out' (and you know it).

Our vests look the business and state their case. Made from soft organic Cotton, the fabric feels nice on, whilst stretching with you on each move. Leave no one in doubt where your interests lie.


  • 100% Organic Cotton
  • Stretchy, comfortable, soft and environmentally friendly
  • Moon branding

**Mushin meaning: mind with no mind - a martial arts mantra**

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