Freestanding MoonBoard

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Save when you buy a complete MoonBoard kit, giving you full access to all existing MoonBoard hold setups and their associated problems. Assembly requires a minimum of two people.

Install your MoonBoard anywhere with the Freestanding MoonBoard. It’s completely self-supporting and can be set to 25-degrees or 40-degrees during assembly.

The Freestanding MoonBoard is a self-assembly, laser cut, powder coated steel framed MoonBoard. It requires two people half-a-day to assemble. During assembly it can be set at either the standard 40-degree angle or at a lesser 25-degree angle.

It’s possible to have the freestanding MoonBoard set up outside but the control box will need to be completely weather proofed, and as the board is made of marine ply if it was exposed to wet conditions over time it would delaminate. So we’d advise protecting it from the weather as much as possible to prolong the lifespan.

All MoonBoard parts are made to order, therefore final shipping costs and delivery dates will be provided after you have submitted your Freestanding MoonBoard order at 


  • MoonBoard laser cut, powder coated steel frame
  • Freestanding MoonBoard panel kit - painted, pre-drilled and t-nutted
  • MoonBoard LED System
  • Original School Holds
  • School Holds Set A
  • School Holds Set B
  • School Holds Set C
  • Wood Holds Set A
  • Screw on Footholds
  • Bolt kits for all holds


  • 40-degree angle: 2440mm / 4860mm / 3554mm (width / depth / height)
  • 25-degree angle: 2440mm / 4860mm / 3700mm (width / depth / height)


The Freestanding MoonBoard requires self-assembly. Tools required are:

  • 6mm hex socket
  • 30mm spanner and socket
  • Small scaffold tower.

Back in the 1980s, Ben Moon, frustrated by limited training facilities, boarded out his cellar in a small terraced house in Sheffield, screwed some slivers of wood onto it, and the rest is history. This small cult activity, that grew up around him and one or two contemporaries took time to take hold, but exploded in the 2000s as bouldering seized the imagination of more and more climbing's young guns. Today bouldering walls and climbing gyms have sprung up in most conurbations. The boards get steeper; the holds more marginal; the route setters graft. But how to satisfy the voracious demand for new problems? Enter the MoonBoard...

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