Cirrus Crash Pad - Retro Stripe Indigo

Cirrus Crash Pad - Retro Stripe Indigo

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A multifunctional large, flexible and light crash pad that can be folded in four to fit into most full-sized crash pads. Ideal for use on top of multiple pads to cover gaps, it's great at filling holes, covering awkward spots, doubling as a sit pad when folded, or covering flat ground and for traverses when a thick pad isn't needed. A must have for any boulderer!

The Cirrus Pad is a 200 x 120 x 2cm large, flexible and light multifunctional crash pad that has numerous uses for bouldering. Designed to be used on top of multiple pads to cover gaps, it can also fill holes or be used as a sit pad when folded. As a flexible pad, it's ideal for covering awkward spots, its large size also makes it great for traverses and covering flat ground where a thick pad isn't needed - a perfect accompaniment for an orange or blue circuit day in Fontainebleau. The pad even doubles as a baby play mat or for picnics!

Named after cirrus clouds, the light and flexible pad offers plenty of uses and is a must-have for any boulderer. Featuring two grab handles and strong aluminum buckles, the pad folds into four and will fit into most full-sized crash pads including our Warrior and Saturn pads. The pad features 2cm of quality closed cell foam giving it great protection given the size.

  • 200 x 120 x 3cm (full size)
  • 100 x 67 x 12cm (folded in four)
  • Weight:  approx 4kg/9lbs
  • Aluminium buckles
  • Two side grab handles
  • Featuring four creases for easy folding and carrying
  • Retro Moon logo
  • Quality polyethylene (PE) closed-cell foam
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