Andi Stull Moon Athlete

Andi Stull  


Years Climbing: 6 years

Local Crag: Black Mountain, Joshua Tree, Palm Springs Tramway…. But I typically make the drive to Bishop instead

Favourite Climbing Destination: Squamish, Ticino, and the Buttermilks! (I can’t pick just one!)

Best Climbing Experience:  Getting the FA of 'Phantom Ants’ in Black Mountain with the help and support of my friends!

Favourite Moon Climbing Product: Aside from the Moonboard, the Moon Bouldering Bag and the Warrior Crash pad! I also love the Samurai pant!

Favourite MoonBoard Problem (if you climb on a MB): ‘Piccole Right'

What Is It About Climbing You Love: Getting to explore places I wouldn’t have otherwise known of and the generally overwhelmingly supportive community

Career Highlights: 'Midnight lightning', my FA of ‘Phantom Ants,’ ‘A Maze of Death’, ‘Lethal Design’, ‘Kill Onsite'

When Not Climbing You Like To: cook, read, and play with my dog, Mishka!