A few months ago we invited our international MoonClimbing team over to the UK, while they were here we pinned them down to get some of their top training hints and tips, to help improve your rock climbing, or as we say at Moon #TrainHardClimbHarder.

David Fitzgerald shares his wisdom about how to train effectively using the MoonBoard.

Despite only having been climbing for four years, David has already climbed some of the hardest boulder problems in the Peak District, including Voyager Sit Start (8b+)

The Training Plan

Find 10 problems at or near your limit.  They should fulfil such criteria as:

  • Match your goal climbs in length and difficulty.
  • Reflect your climbing aims in terms of where the crux move might be on your projects.
  • Be very basic to avoid twisting, drop knees, toe hooks etc so that you climb in a wide or open position to strengthen and stabilise the shoulders and strengthen the hips. 

Practice the circuit until you can complete all ten problems with minimal rest.